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MovieSite is simple and efficient web-based software.

It enables promotion of locations, economic impact tracking and administration of permits, invoices and contacts without spending hours filling in forms.

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“MovieSite is instrumental in helping the Kent Film Office promote the county and deliver an excellent service for film-makers because it takes care of much of the admin around reporting, permits and invoicing behind the scenes. It’s like having another person!Gabrielle Lindemann, Kent Film Officer

What does MovieSite offer?

Designed by screen agencies and film offices, MovieSite offers a  range of online services that minimise re-keying of information and allow self-service support of the industry.

Location database and self-service online search
Online location brochures / packages
Contact, crew and facilities database
Production tracking and economic impact calculation
Online production spend forms
Online filming application forms and invoicing
Built in reports and reporting tool
Mobile responsive online searches
Funding / tax credit management
GDPR Compliant
Secure hosting and automated backups

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Film Offices Can Do More With Existing Resources

Easily manage a beautiful database of locations and enable self-service searches on the web.

Allow permit applications to be completed online.

Capture and follow-up leads from film-makers considering your area and easily measure industry economic impact.

Generate invoices and collect payment instantly.

Film-makers Will LOVE Your Service

Rapid access to the information they need 24 hours a day.

You’ll have access to information about previous interactions at your fingertips.

Simple forms for permitting, invoicing and production spend make it quick to interact with your office.

No onerous registration processes.

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Join our community of film offices, councils and screen agencies across the UK, Ireland and in North America who use MovieSite daily to provide a stellar service.

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