Is your film office experiencing difficulties with:


* Managing filming, road closures, permitting and approvals?

* Managing consultations and communication around filming?

* Tracking economic impact, activity and volumes associated with filming applications in your area?

 * A current system that doesn’t meet your needs?

* Covering several geographic areas?

* Taking online payments?


If so, then MovieSite Filming Applications and Permits is for you.

MovieSite Filming Applications and Permits has been co-designed with a range of film offices, and in consultation with industry representatives. New developments continue to make the solution even more efficient to run with greater automation and simpler processes for applicants. 

MovieSite is used by one person offices through to national agencies. 


The applicant

MovieSite’s filming application process is efficient for applicants, saving time and effort when applying and avoiding retyping when making multiple applications across film offices.

The applicant enters their production details, which can be reused any time they make an application for that production, anywhere. 

They can then apply to a film office, easily adding location information and uploading documentation. The system asks only for the information required for a specific type of filming.

Where a film office covers multiple local authority areas, MovieSite automatically assigns the locations making administration simple.  

Once the application is submitted, the applicant is notified by email, but can also keep track via the online portal.  Issued permits (if applicable) are available for immediate download once issued by the film office. 

Where queries arise, applications can be re-opened so the relevant information can be added or amended.

As the system is being used by most major film offices in the UK, production companies are familiar with the system and can take advantage of the built-in efficiencies across film offices.

The film office

MovieSite’s filming application and permits system can be used to administer one or several geographic areas.

Partner stakeholders (such as police, roads department, council, commune) can be notified automatically with copies of the applicaiton and relevant documentation. Simplified, high-level documentation is available for GDPR compliance where a partner does not need an applicant’s personal details.

The film office will receive the application and review it. If necessary, the office can re-open the application and request that the applicant makes changes. The system also manages and tracks communication with consultees, including one-click responses.

Applications can be grouped by project, allowing applications across geographic areas or received from different people or at different times to be managed together.

Film offices can invoice if required, including online payment. 

A “dashboard” provides a film office with an “at a glance” view of incoming applications, applications being processed, invoicing, communication and recently approved applications.  Offices can also set reminders where follow up actions are required. 

Reports are available to track filming activity in an area. MovieSite users who also have the Production Tracking module can enjoy integrated tracking and reporting, including economic impact calculations. Actions taken by the film office on a production can be tracked and reported on.

NEW: A calendar allows an overview of filming in a film office area to be viewed in Outlook, Google Calendar and many other calendar services making planning easy.