Funding and permits

Is your film office experiencing difficulties with:


* A system that doesn’t meet your needs?

* Covering a single area or several areas?

* Have partners based overseas?

* Taking payments from Worldpay or PayPal?


If so, then MovieSite Funding and permits is for you,

The applicant

MovieSites permits application process is very efficient for applicant to save time and effort when completion forms etc.

Based on a portal for the application applicants can register and  add details of productions/companies he/she is working with.

Within a production they can add permit applications for shoots with sufficient information and documentation.

They can save, edit and submit.

They will see permits issued and receive messages.

They receive notification by SMS message with a link to their portal.

The film office

MovieSites permitting system can administer several geographic areas e.g. council, commune.

If necessary, partner stakeholders (e.g. police, roads department, council, commune) can be notified automatically by email with copies of documentation.

Activity and revenue can be reported on geographically.

The film office will receive the application and review it. The application has a working production title. If necessary, the office can re-open the application and request applicant makes changes.

Once accepted the office can decide if the application is for a new production or should be attached to an existing production.

The office can decide to invoice or not. If no invoice the permit can be issued as a PDF, the applicant is notified by both sms and email and directed to their portal to retrieve it. If invoiced an estimate is sent to applicant, they accept and an invoice is received in portal. Invoiced payment can be by credit card or bank transfer. If an approved credit card the invoice is marked paid as soon as credit card payment is taken.