Location finder

Is your film office experiencing difficulty with:


* Representing a variety of locations in your area without spending huge amounts of your budget?

* Presenting your location database in a way that is easy for the film office and TV industry to use?

* Show casing your locations across all devices?

* Keeping up to date records of what locations have been used?


If so, then MovieSite locations is for you.

Self-service system

MovieSites self service system allows all stakeholders to search, share and can ask you further questions.


Interaction with enquirers

MovieSite tracks and records all interaction by enquirers. This gives you the information you need to engage with production without needing to waste time.



MovieSite brochures – allows you create mini websites instantly that are customised for the enquiry.


Real-time presentations

MovieSite allows you to create real time presentations for when productions speak to you from elsewhere. They see the content change as you speak.


Location descriptions

MovieSite uses standard ways of describing locations that are used by the film & TV industry. These have been developed by film offices and we maintain direct input into standards from our clients.